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Tag: PDF for legal

Demystifying PDF for lawyers

As in most professional fields, PDF is the format of choice for digital documents in legal departments and law firms. However, the legal sector has some specific requirements regarding the work with this type of documents. With ABBYY FineReader you have a tool, which can handle the needs of your legal document tasks and additionally makes your paper documents digitally accessible. Collaborate on legal documents In ABBYY’s in-house legal department,…

ABA TECHSHOW 2019: Law firms to embrace technologies for success

Law firms that embrace technologies stay ahead of the curve was the keynote for this year’s ABA TECHSHOW® Conference and EXPO held by the American Bar Association (ABA) Law Practice Division in Chicago, USA, February 27 – March 2, 2019 under the motto “Bringing Lawyers & Technology Together”. In eight thematic tracks of the Conference, leading legal practitioners and influencers shared their experience, best practices and vision relating to how…

Redacting a PDF document is not rocket science

Time and time again information is being disclosed in high-profile legal cases because of epic redaction fails. It is true, that the PDF format has its specifics, that make redaction somewhat tricky, but understanding the basics and using the right tools makes it simple and efficient. Why do redaction “accidents” happen? For sure placing black bars over the text lines will not do the job. Simply deleting the bars, searching…


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