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Tag: how to compare documents

Choosing a PDF tool – Part 3: What you should know about its document comparison capabilities

One of the most common challenges in our daily work with content is that it usually involves working with documents of various formats. Let’s say you are trying to compare a legal agreement in Word document with a scanned copy which has been signed and sent back to you per email. What do you do? As we discussed in the first article from this series, doing a line-by-line comparison of…

Are you still comparing documents manually?

Do you also spend hours manually checking changes in updated document versions line by line, word by word? Have you encountered a situation when your teammate forgot to turn on the “track changes” mode in Microsoft® Word and you had to painfully look for those edits or use compare documents function in Word itself? Just think of all the time and resources wasted on printing, proofreading and re-checking your own

How To Compare documents with FineReader

Imagine that you have received an important document, say, an agreement you need to sign with a partner. First, you need to ensure that the text on the paper is fully consistent with the mutually agreed text in the digital original. What are your options? A plausible way out is to patiently and carefully compare the two documents line by line. This process can be stressful, time-consuming and emotionally taxing……


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