Accurate and Reliable OCR is the Productivity-Boosting Feature for your Business

gjlhgjA decade ago, PDF represented the apex of convenience and efficiency in the business world. Companies could quickly capture and archive data in easily managed image files. Today, as the pace of business quickens and the digitization of documents expands exponentially, PDFs alone are no longer sufficient to manage the large number of documents in today’s office environment. Recent changes in corporate governance increases the importance of ensuring their accuracy  and security to make these documents searchable and editable and they place a premium on accuracy. That’s where text recognizing OCR solutions like ABBYY FineReader 12 come in. The PDF is still important—perhaps more so now than ever before—but the way companies interact with it has changed drastically. What Acrobat was to the PDF, FineReader is to OCR.

What were once just simple files that captured data in image format, only to be looked at once or twice and then archived, are now important and evolving documents that need to be accurately edited and parsed in the course of everyday business. In the past, PDF readers like Acrobat were good enough for the majority of businesses. Now, however, text recognition solutions are becoming increasingly indispensable in the modern day workplace.

Why Use PDF When You Really Need OCR?

Unlike Acrobat Reader, FineReader allows businesses to create fully editable and searchable documents from PDFs and other image files. Companies can accurately extract text from scanned documents, photos, images, and PDFs, with little to no loss in quality and export those documents to almost any file format they want.

When compared to PDF readers like Acrobat Reader, FineReader 12 comes out on top in nearly every measurable category of comparison, including accuracy, ease of use, and value, to name a few. Even though many readers on the market have limited OCR-capability, they are neither able to maintain the original document’s structure nor are they able to accurately extract text in a reliable manner. This forces businesses to dedicate valuable manpower to the tedious tasks of searching, editing, and reformatting their documents. Multiply the time it takes to do this by the thousands of documents that even mid-size businesses deal with on a weekly basis and you start to see just how valuable Optical Character Recognition has the potential to be to your organization.

OCR Increases Productivity

ABBYY FineReader is the industry leader in OCR products available on the market today and is unrivaled by competitors in terms of accuracy and reliability. By improving how your business manages document workflow, FineReader enables you to maximize your company’s time and efficiency, saving you money in the process. By obviating the need to retype and reformat extracted text, FineReader represents a significant boost to your business’s productivity and, in turn, the bottom line.

As the business world advances ever onward and the way we do commerce is increasingly digitized, the importance of high-quality OCR solutions cannot be overstated as a modern necessity.