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Month: February 2020

Demystifying PDF for lawyers

As in most professional fields, PDF is the format of choice for digital documents in legal departments and law firms. However, the legal sector has some specific requirements regarding the work with this type of documents. With ABBYY FineReader you have a tool, which can handle the needs of your legal document tasks and additionally makes your paper documents digitally accessible. Collaborate on legal documents In ABBYY’s in-house legal department,…

Going paperless while meeting NARA compliance

A global trend towards electronic government can improve the performance of delivering services in the public sector. In addition, e-government practices have brought to light new issues with records management that have implications in further areas: one of the unavoidable effects of this trend has been the near-exponential increase both in the volume of electronic records and in the number of record-keeping formats in the years to come. Records and…


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