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Month: January 2020

Latest FineReader 15 updates: More capable, more accurate, and friendlier

At ABBYY, we always aspire to make FineReader better. Delivering new and improving existing functionality and fixing bugs is always our main priority, so we never stop. At the very end of Summer 2019, we launched brand new version of FineReader 15, and in November 2019 we already delivered its first update containing new and improved functionality, Release 3. We started 2020 with yet another update, Release 4, which has…

Choosing a PDF tool, Part 5: How to make a PDF searchable

Paper has to be searched manually, but digital documents are instantly searchable, right? Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Between 25 and 33 percent of the PDF documents out there contain no searchable information at all. For instance, when a scan is wrapped into a PDF document, you have an image, which is not accessible to text tools. However, the availability of recognized text information is not only crucial…


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