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Month: October 2019

Choosing a PDF tool – Part 3: What you should know about its document comparison capabilities

One of the most common challenges in our daily work with content is that it usually involves working with documents of various formats. Let’s say you are trying to compare a legal agreement in Word document with a scanned copy which has been signed and sent back to you per email. What do you do? As we discussed in the first article from this series, doing a line-by-line comparison of…

Choosing a PDF tool – Part 2: How to convert files from PDF to Word and vice versa and other formats

PDF and Microsoft® Word are probably the most common file formats in the office environment. Many common tasks require users to convert from one format to the other —reusing content for other purposes, editing the text with changes tracked, or sharing a final document with revised layout and formatting, for example. Having a tool that offers the flexibility to convert documents from one format to the other in a simple…

How to do long-term digital document preservation correctly?

Digital Archiving enables e-discovery, litigation support and regulatory compliance and facilitates data analytics. Read more about how to preserve documents from paper and digital input channels as accessible and searchable PDF/A assets with FineReader Server.…


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