The Loyal User: A Testing Experience

ilia_newby Ilia Isaev, ABBYY Testing Engineer

No user community can be said to be more loyal than those whose task is to test new software products. Given the number of bugs, errors, blank screens and freezes we testers are confronted with throughout product development, we need such loyalty to see the job through. And given that we work with a product more intensely than anyone else – installing it, launching it, reporting bugs and closing it hundreds of times every week – our loyalty is tested every day, too!

It’s also important to remember that testers and developers must work in close cooperation. This requires a lot of back and forth between testers and developers and you really have to have product loyalty to keep up the pace!

The constant dialogue between testers and developers generates cycles that create ongoing cooperation between us. And really good developers help speed these cycles by checking what they’ve written before passing it to the testers. Plus, while some say that automating test procedures can shorten this process, it’s important to remember that real people will be using ABBYY products. So it’s vital that real human eyes screen our software beforehand.

Finally, though, a tester needs a good sense of humor. Once, when we were working on PDF Transformer+, I sent a picture to colleagues saying, “I won’t shave until product launch.” But the joke was on me – the complexity of the PDF format meant things took longer than I thought. So I’d grown quite a beard by the time we launched!