How To Clean up your PDF from metadata and confidential information

As you might already know PDF documents can behave very differently. They might contain data, which is not visible at first glance, but that might contain information which is not suitable for sharing – for example metadata (such as author, topic, keywords), bookmarks, text layers in scanned documents etc. With ABBYY PDF Transformer+ you can remove such data with just a few clicks.
When removing “hidden” text layers (for example in scanned PDFs) the PDF will be converted into an image-only PDF, which means it will be neither searchable, nor can text be copied out.

Where to find this functionality in ABBYY PDF Transformer:
Edit > Remove Hidden Data…


Moreover, when sharing a document with others some information contained in it (and is visible) might be confidential and not suitable for distribution, such as for example personal data, bank account information, names of contractual partners etc. In order to still be able to share such documents without disclosing sensitive information you might redact it (mask with a color bar and remove) and leave only the information relevant for the recipient visible. The information is then permanently removed and irretrievable from all the layers of the document.

In ABBYY PDF Transformer+ you even have the option to “Search and Redact” multiple instances of the same word within the whole document.

Where to find this functionality in ABBYY PDF Transformer:
Tools > Redaction…


Note: If a word is contained in images (i.e. a company name or logo) within the document these might still be visible after performing the “Search and Redact” function, please check images separately and use the Eraser tool to remove these.