Dan Hollyday: “At my work all the documents end up as PDFs.”


Today is the day for another interview from one of our customers – Dan Hollyday, a financial consultant, who will share with us his story of using ABBYY FineReader and how important PDF format in his business is.

Do I work with documents in my job?

— I run a paperless or printless office, and I work mainly with financial documents
from my clients.

How often do I obtain documents via scanner?

— Quite often, maybe 3-5 times per week.

FineReader helped me…

— In my work, all the documents end up as PDFs: paper documents are scanned
to PDF, sometimes the images of documents are saved with a mobile device and
stored as PDFs, incoming MS Office documents are converted to PDFs as well.
I got FineReader with my multi-function printer many years ago and hadn’t heard
of it before. I was interested to see what I got with the hardware, so I googled
FineReader and what it was capable of. Online I discovered it was recommended
software capable of generating PDF files and scanning to PDF. Since then,
FineReader has never let me down. day
If a PDF needs editing, I convert it to MS Word, make changes and save it to PDF.
FineReader helps me a lot in all these converting procedures.

What document format do I prefer?

— Definitely PDF. It is my chosen save format as it can be easily opened and
everyone knows how to use it. Also, because it is regarded as a kind of folder
where all the info of different kind could be opened in one space: pages from
Excel tables, texts and scans.
An example of such a container are Invoices that are usually sent to clients
together with supporting expense documents in a single PDF file.

*User stories are based on the feedback given by users. Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.