How To Keep up with the FineReader updates easily

Most modern software can update itself and FineReader 12 is no exception. With the latest updates installed you get better performance and new, useful capabilities, and any bugs are fixed; all in all, a better user experience. But your convenience and confidence is the priority, so you can set the auto update feature in the product to operate in the way that best suits you. It is really easy – just follow the simple recommendations given below.

Checking for updates

To initiate a manual update to your FineReader 12, open the Help menu in the program and select the Check for Updates item:






If there is an update, you’ll see a green bar:1.2


Click “Download”, then click “Install” in the next window to appear:1.3


FineReader 12 will close to install the update and then will restart automatically. That’s it!

If you have the latest FineReader 12 version, you’ll receive the corresponding message. Congratulations!

Setting up the automatic update

Click the cogwheel icon on the right of the green bar – this is where you can set up the auto update:



This will disable the auto update function; you’ll have to check for updates manually as described above. FineReader won’t bother you with update notifications.1.5



FineReader will check for updates automatically and notify you whenever an update is available with the green bar, leaving the choice to install it or not entirely up to you.1.6



With this feature, you can be sure that your FineReader is always up to date: everything is downloaded and installed automatically, and you won’t be bothered with notifications. Only when an update is of a considerable size will FineReader ask for your permission to download it, taking care of your Internet traffic.

Useful tip

FineReader updates are successive. If you have turned automatic updates off and haven’t checked them for some time, you may find that you’ll need to install two or three updates in succession.