Cool tricks to operate FineReader like a real pro

iStock_000036502122_300x200Working with FineReader is fast and straightforward. It usually does almost everything itself; the user just makes couple of clicks on the big, “main” buttons in the software. However, sometimes adjustments need to be made to get a better quality result, or an unusual task needs resolving. This requires going deeper into using the program’s powerful settings and tools. Here are several interface tips for you, which may become handy and help make your work easier and faster.

Arrange FineReader windows quickly

Need more space on the screen to do fine adjustments of recognition areas in the Image window? Or work with document formatting and styles in the Text window? You can quickly maximize what you need, hide the rest, and switch between different screen layouts. Use functional buttons for this:

  • F5: Hides/shows the Pages window
  • Ctrl+F5: Hides/shows the Zoom window
  • F6: Maximizes the Image window, hiding the Text window. F7 or repeated pressing of F6 restores both windows.
  • F8: Maximizes the Text window, hiding the Image window. F7 or repeated pressing of F8 restores both windows.
  • By pressing F6 and F8 alternately, you can switch between the maximized Image and Text windows


Hand tool

Using the Hand tool 2, you can quickly move the current page in the Image window to view its parts without accidentally switching to the previous or next page.

Making notes

When working on a document, you can add your comments or notes to any page (right-click, then Page Properties…, or Alt+Enter).


To quickly peruse all comments or notes, switch to the Details view in the Pages window.

Keyboard shortcuts

Assign keyboard shortcuts for many operations (View->Toolbars->Customize…, Keyboard Shortcuts tab), such as a frequently used Image editor operation. Now you don’t need to enter the image editor every time, just press the keyboard shortcut.

Instant saving of selected pages

When working with a document, if you need to save a single page you are currently working on, simply click  4 on the Image window toolbar. With the same button, save several selected pages from a document at once simply by clicking on them in the Pages window while holding down the Ctrl button.