How To Save time by scheduling automatic document processing

fABBYY Hot Folder is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool that comes with the Corporate edition of ABBYY FineReader. It allows to designate local, network, FTP or Outlook folders that Hot Folder will continuously “check” for new files to process. Every time an image of a document or PDF file comes into that folder, it will be automatically processed and saved as a searchable or editable file. All a user needs is to set the task and everything will occur automatically, even when no one is near, even when these are multiple tasks to be run simultaneously, or  even when the tasks are scheduled at different times during the day or even at night.
How to set up Hot Folder?

Step 1: Create a new workflow (task)
Choose whether the documents in your input folder should be processed only once, when you start them manually or on a recurring basis (e.g every Tuesday at 7 pm):


Step 2: Select an input source for FineReader to ‘watch’
Open files from a local folder on your computer, a network folder, a FTP folder or ‘watch’ an Outlook inbox folder. Define what happens with the documents that have already been processed. For example you can move them to a folder “Processed”:


Step 3: Analyze and Read
If you are always processing documents with a similar layout you can use a recognition area template to accelerate the recognition process. For example, you can define that all documents have an image in the top left corner (maybe a logo), text in the first half of the page, etc.:


In this step, you can also select “Recognition Options…” and “Preporcessing Options” to designate additional details such as Thorough or Fast Reading Mode, as well as use your own patterns and languages for the recognition.

04_options_EN (1)

Step 4: Select Saving Options
Select the destination (i.e. a network folder or a Microsoft® SharePoint® server) and the file type (PDF, TXT, XLS, etc.) for your processed documents. You can also save them in more than one location and as one or many file types simultaneously for a variety of purposes.

05_save_EN (1)