How To Treat confidential data securely with ABBYY FineReader and ABBYY PDF Transformer

iStock_000075084821_300x200We often work with documents containing confidential data. Any time we need to share data, we have to take care to treat such data properly. A lawyer doesn’t need to know who is the side of your contract and what is its amount when providing consultation. How can this information be reliably concealed when asking for advice about the contract?

With ABBYY FineReader

If it is a printed paper document, FineReader 12 will help you to conceal all sensitive information in it reliably and make it ready to share electronically (by e-mail, via cloud storage, etc). If needed, it can be printed back on paper as well. The appearance of the document will remain the same as the original.

  1. Scan a paper document in FineReader 12.
  2. Once FineReader has finished processing the document, click on 1 on the main toolbar, and use the mouse to select all texts that have to be hidden (in the right window of the software):
    2The selected text disappears behind the black bar.
  3. Once you’ve selected all you need to, save the document as a PDF using the Save/Send button.Now you get a PDF copy of your document that looks like this:

You can share it with confidence: the selected text is completely removed, it isn’t possible to read or to copy it. However, the rest of the text in the document is not only readable but has also become searchable and can be easily copied.

With ABBYY PDF Transformer

If you work with PDF documents of any kind, PDF Transformer+ will be even more helpful.

Open a PDF in the software and do the same as described above for FineReader, using the same kind of Redaction tool: 4.

However, there are more capabilities, which are extremely handy:

  1. You can easily remove any hidden data from the document – click the little arrow on the right of the Redaction button to open the dialog:
  2. Once you click on Redaction, the “Search” panel on the left turns into the “Search and Redact” panel. Here you can enter a search word or phrase, let the software find it throughout the document, and then remove everything found with just one click:


Now save the document or send it by email directly from ABBYY PDF Transformer+ (File->E-mail…).