How To Prepare quality documents for an electronic archive

iStock_000024872017_SmallA fully searchable electronic archive is something that many companies dream about. 30% of organizations link growth in the demand for recognition with the need to digitize their old archives. So, how to prepare the documents to be put there, making them not only easy to find in seconds, but also look exceptionally good?

Documents may be poorly scanned or simply old, and therefore look like this:


But they can look completely different if you use the latest and best FineReader 12 software – like this:


Because OCR software ABBYY FineReader 12 , the recommended software  for OCR and document conversion, is able to remove yellowish tint of old paper or greyish hue of poorly scanned paper and smooth character images.

How? It’s easy:

1. Make sure that   3  is chosen and the4   option is turned on in the Save -> PDF (PDF/A)
tab in the program settings ( 5).

2. Scan your documents, or open images or PDFs that you’ve got electronically.

3. If the background doesn’t look white and even in the images, click  6 , press Ctrl+A to choose all pages, and then click “Whiten Background” in “Photo Correction”:


Now exit the Image Editor  8.

4. Choose Save as PDF or the better option – Save as PDF/A:


If a warning window is shown, click the “Recognize and Save” button in it.

You’re done! A searchable copy of your document is ready. It fully represents the document’s look, and it may look even better than the original – thanks to PreciseScan and Background Whitening.