How can I accelerate FineReader?

Five alarm clock on white background.We all wish that our computer programs worked faster, so today I’m going to tell you how to squeeze as much speed out of FineReader as possible. If you have a lot of documents and they are quality prints, or if you have a good scanner and accuracy to the last comma isn’t critical, then step on the gas and enjoy the ride! But remember that every recognition error requires a minimum of several seconds to correct – several seconds of your time. Don’t get carried away!

How can I accelerate FineReader?

Let’s give it a try. First, we take any document and do the following:

1. Switch the program into Fast Reading mode in Settings (settings) in the Read tab:
At the same time disable “Look for barcodes” if we don’t need it.
Start reading… the wait for results has already been reduced by 25%.

2. Are our scans good, clean, not distorted, and not inverted? Let’s disable the image preprocessing option:



And we’ve won back another 15%: FineReader now opens document pages almost instantly.

3. If preserving the color isn’t important, we enable Black and White mode. You can do it here:






Or here:

wind54. Are we sure what language the document is written in? We can clearly select it instead of autoselect:



And we’ve won back another 5%!

In total, we have reduced the conversion time by 60% – more than halving it! Of course, this number is approximate: the gains in speed from changing particular settings can vary across different documents, but an average of two times faster is great!

Useful tips

  1. To ensure that FineReader works quickly, don’t use resolutions that are too high or too low (even though they are permitted) unless you need to. The former require processing a greater volume of information, while the latter require enhanced preprocessing. The optimal resolution is 300 dpi.
  2. Check how many languages are shown in the autoselect list and remove any you don’t need. The optimal number is between three and five. An autoselect languages list that is too long not only reduces the accuracy of the recognition, but also slows it down considerably.