Quick and flawless entering of various critical data from documents

Cropped image of businessman calculating expense at desk in officeAs a client, are you pleased when you receive good and quick service at a bank? Of course you are. A pile of different documents is processed in a matter of minutes – and everything’s ready. Obviously your company also has and does everything to provide the customers and partners with the highest quality of service, the best cooperation experience. But look at the back office of your company more closely. It’s hidden from the outer world, but it’s critical to organize everything well there too. There are also a lot of employees who work with many different incoming paper documents. The variety can be enormously wide, and there may be no place for templates to make the work easier. Still, the documents must be processed, many of them scanned and saved, and information from them then put into the company’s ERP in a proper manner.

It’s easy to figure out that it takes a lot of effort for clerks to enter various names, contact details, account numbers, amounts and other document entries: it’s a tedious, tiresome work, which requires overstraining eyesight, lots of attention switching repeatedly from paper to screen. Overwhelmed with that, people are likely to make errors. However, errors cannot be tolerated – it is critical that the data be correct. Therefore, the employees have to work considerably more slowly, check the data being entered over and over, which puts even more stress on them, causing excess and unreasonable fatigue that leads to further decrease of effectiveness. They simply become unhappy… Furthermore, saving just simple scans of documents leads to time loss, as it creates delays when someone needs to find the right one.

How do you avoid that? How do you increase the effectiveness of the back office employees and, hence, both the effectiveness of your institution and the quality of its work for customers and partners? The answer is to do entry of all paper documents, their copies, and PDFs with the help of professional OCR PDF Software. Matching OCR plus PDF technologies, ABBYY FineReader 12 allows for easily copying any data from incoming documents and entering it into your internal systems. The use of FineReader can considerably diminish the chance of making mistakes. It also provides a comfortable way of verifying copied information. And for saving into your electronic archive, FineReader will create high-quality searchable copies of documents. Any data, words or numbers can be easily found there within seconds.

*Interesting fact: our research shows that 75 to 90% of all office employees need to retype from paper or PDFs into a computer.