PDF software and its role in lawyer’s work

lawsuit form with attorney's hand and penWork with PDF documents is one of the major parts of a lawyer’s work, and effective tools are needed for that. Imagine you’ve got an agreement in PDF format and only need to make some minor, local edits to finalize it, such as to change the parties’ details in the beginning and the end of the agreement. When working with PDF documents with PDF Transformer+ you don’t need to ask anyone for the original agreement text prepared in a text editor – you’ll easily make necessary corrections directly in the PDF.  The “Edit” mode in the product will allow you to edit any line of your agreement, while “Eraser” and “Text box” tools allow for removing and typing in any part of text anywhere in your PDF, even when it is a scanned PDF, which contains only the document image and no editable text at all! No matter what kind of PDF you have, with PDF software you’ll be able to make local changes in it.

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And even if the work on a PDF document (agreement, power of attorney, etc.) requires significant changes to be made to its text, PDF Transformer+ will do that in any case. If the original text isn’t available, instead of time-consuming manual retyping you’ll just quickly convert it into a suitable editable format (most likely, MS Word) and make any necessary changes or comments there. Empowered by ABBYY recognition technology, PDF Transformer+ provides precise conversion from PDF with the formatting of the original document retained. After the work is done, the finalized document can be converted back to PDF format.

Obviously, PDF Transformer+ treats information security and confidentiality respectfully. If you’ve got a protected PDF, you’ll need to know the password(s) to view or convert/edit it, and vice versa: you can reliably secure the PDF documents that you create from unauthorized viewing, copying, changes, or printing by applying password protection that uses state-of-the-art protection technologies. If a document contains sensitive data (such as names, amounts, etc.) that you may not disclose, it can be quickly and 100% reliably hidden manually using the “Redaction” tool, or automatically throughout the whole document using a convenient “Search and Redact” mode. It is possible to verify PDF documents via digital signatures too.


Of course, the software has many other capabilities that make daily work with PDF documents easy and productive. These are comfortable viewers with instant search; adding, rotating, deleting pages; making highlights and comments to PDFs to discuss them with others. You may also create PDFs out of popular office formats or literally any application you may work with and use a powerful PDF printer; quote necessary parts of information from anywhere in any kind of PDF documents easily and quickly, and so on.